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Water system River branch River name Regulation region from Regulation region to River basin
Zengwun River Major stream Zengwun River Houchih Weir of Zengwun River Inlet Chiayi County ,Tainan City
Secondary stream Houchueh River Subsidiary Reservior of Nanhua Reservior Confluence of Houchueh River and Zengwun River Tainan City
Secondary stream Kuantien River End of Wushantou Reservoir spillway Confluence of Kuantien River and Zengwun River Tainan City
Yanshuei River Major stream Yanshuei River Confluence of Hsinkuang Village of Kuanmiao Inlet Tainan City
Erren River Major stream Erren River Highway Three Bridge of Neihsiung Village Inlet Tainan City ,Kaohsiung City
Secondary stream Niuchoupu River Niuchoupu River Confluence of Niuchoupu River and Erren River Kaohsiung City
Agongdian River Major stream Agongdian River Houchih Weir of Ah-Kong-Tien Reservoir Inlet Kaohsiung City