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Areas in which services are provided are as follows.
The bureau offers services to the Southwestern Taiwan, including three major rivers, which are Zengwun River, Yanshuei River, and Erren River, secondary rivers such as Agongdian River, and river channels, which cover from Jishui River (not included) within Tainan City to Gaoping River (not included) of Kaohsiung City. The services are also provided to five rivers such as Chiangchun River, Chiku River, Sanku River, Luerhmen River, and Tienpao River that extend to a large scale. As for the administrative areas of the 6th River Management Bureau's, the services are provided to most part of Tainan City,  and metropolitan areas in Kaohsiung City. The reservoirs within its administrative region include Zengwun Reservoir, Nanhua reservoir, Chingmien Reservoir, and Agongdian Reservoir.

Overview of the services
The bureau takes care of all kinds of water conservancy constructions within its administrative region. It is responsible for seawall building, renovating river embankment of major and secondary rivers, and improving constructions of regional drainage systems. The bureau is to handle examinations of fundamental data related to hydrology, investigation, partial planning, management of major and secondary rivers and seawalls as well as surveying rivers and seawalls. Land acquisition for construction and prevention and crackdown measure of illegal cases are also the bureau's responsibilities.

The stewardship on water resources management of the bureau is to develop the projects of flood control, tidal sea-dikes, offshore jetty, and regional drainage. It should examine, plan, supervise, and design the projects as well as proceeding the administrative tasks and construction. In recent years, the construction of river and sea dikes have been listed as the 9th project of the 14th Biggest Development Plan expanded from the 12th Biggest Development Plan. In 1986, the project was set to be carried out within the next six years, and the 6th River Management Bureau placed its emphasis on building, renovation, improvement and maintenance of river and sea dikes.

As for the scope of services around Zengwun River, Yanshuei River, and Erren River, the bureau has to collect and handle the fundamental data of examinations, results compiling, and flood testing and investigation from the 11th precipitation weather station, the 6th gauging station, the 39th observation well of underground water, and the 1st observation station of land subsidence.

Overview of river and sea dikes

● Zengwun River
The project of river embankment and river walls for flood control over Zengwun River's mainstream covers 96,376 meters and 13,320 meters respectively. The project has been proceeded to 73,226 meters for river embankment and 1,720 meters for river walls with 23,150 meters of river embankment and 11,600 meters of river walls left undone. The river embankment project of Zengwun River's tributary, Houchueh River, stretches to 1,600 meters, and 11,100 meters for river walls. The flood control project of another tributary, Kuantien River, stands 7,100 meters for the embankment of the left bank, and 7,800 meters for the right one, and 1,300 meters for the left river walls and 7,200 meters for the right. The 1,310 meters of river embankment and 6,160 meters of river walls of the flood control project for the tributary, Houtan River, are also on the waiting list of the construction.

● Yanshuei River
The flood control project for Yanshuei River consists of 76,000 meters of river embankment and 4,820 meters of river walls, and 31,210 meters of embankment build-up construction. Currently, 43,320 meters of river embankment and 31,210 meters of build-up construction have been completed with 32,680 meters of river embankment and 4,820 meters of river walls needed to be done.

● Erren River
The flood control project for Erren River consists of 41,141 meters of river embankment with 1,824 meters of build-up construction and 8,225.7 meters of river embankment completed. The length of river-wall project stretches to 11,078 meters, whereas 5,668 meters of it have been accomplished, and 5,410 meters are to be finished.

● Agongdian River
The 9,927 meters of river embankment and 8,933 meters of river walls should be installed to provide flood control for Agongdian River. The construction of 8,356 meters of river embankment and 4,538 meters of river walls has been finalized, and the rest of the 1,571 meters and 4,359 meters of river walls are needed to be finished.

The bureau has accomplished important projects as follows.
As for the construction of reservoirs, the bureau has been in charge of, and completed the Hsingjen Reservoir, Tungwei Reservoir, Hsian Reservoir, Hsiaochih Reservoir, and Chihkan Underground Reservoir of Penghu County, Chingmien Reservoir of Tainan City, and Agongdian Reservoir of Kaohsiung City. Also, the bureau had to offer support to the initial phase of Nanhua Reservoir Construction.

Concerning the construction of river dikes, the bureau undertook the renewal, enhancement work, and annual repairs of the embankment construction along Zengwun River, Yanshuei River, Erren River, and Agongdian River.

Concerning the construction of sea dikes, besides the projects of sea-dike renewal along the coastline of 80,200 meters stretching over Tainan City, and Kaohsiung City, the bureau also completed the sea-dike renewal work of Wangliao area in Chiayi County.

Concerning the drainage system, the bureau built the drainage system of Tsaotan Parapet in Kaohsiung City and improved the same system outside of the sea dikes around Wangliao area in Chiayi County.

The network of irrigation system at Zengwun Reservoir's finalized stage was completed by the bureau as well.